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Trinity River Fly Fishing

When West Coast Steelhead fishermen talk about Steelhead fishing and Steelhead rivers, their next breath is about Trinity River Fly Fishing...because it's that good!

The Trinity River, from the Steelhead and Salmon hatchery at the base of Lewiston dam, flows West to the confluence on the Klamath River and offers some of the best Steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Steelhead start showing up in the lower river in late July to early August and hang out in the lower Trinity until the rain starts in September and start their migration up-river. We start fishing for these chrome bright "silver bullets" on the lower river in August, and then follow the run up-river.

Using traditional Steelhead techniques, swinging wet flies, skating dries or dead drifting nymphs with single-handed, Switch and Spey Rods.

There are many words and expressions to describe "the grab" of a Steelhead take and the acrobatics and screaming runs that occur immediately following. For those who have experienced know! For those who have not yet had the experience...HANG ON!!! All fishing is primarily wade fishing, but runs too deep to wade are fished from a driftboat or raft. Walk-ins are offered, also.

Spey Fishing

The Trinity is the perfect size of river to learn how to Spey Cast and Fish. Over the past few years there has been a tremendous interest in learning this way of casting and fishing and rightfully so...IT'S FUN!!

If you have a Spey or Switch rod...don't leave it home. If you want to learn how to Spey Cast and Fish and don't have a rod...we have rods that you can use.

We will show you how to set up a Spey Rod with the proper reel, line, leaders and flies.

We can teach a few basic Spey Casts to get you started Spey Fishing.

My professional advice is...TRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT!!

Here's what Swingin' for Steelhead can do for you!!

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