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Spring - 2016

Trinity River: A few bright fish showing up below Junction City, but most of the Steelhead being caught are half-pounders, or downers. The fishing for Steelhead and Browns on the upper runs, above Douglas City has been fair to good using: Dry Fly Fishing: March Browns - #12 to 14, Callibaetis - #14 to 16, BWO - #16 to 18, and Stonefly - #10 to 12 dry fly imitations. Nymphing: Golden Stone - #8 to 12, Assorted color Stones - #10 to 14, PT's - #12 to 16, Bird's Nest - Black, Hare's Ear - #12 to 16, AP Nymph - Black, Hare's Ear and Olive - #12 to 14, Micro Mayflies - Assorted colors #14 to 18, Caddis Pupa - Assorted #12 to 16. Streamer Fishing: Swinging small smolt patterns, Pimps, Woolly Buggers and Bunny Leeches - #4 to 8 have been producing some nice Brown Trout and a few adult Steelhead. Full Sinking Line: Intermediate/clear, Type 2 or 3 with 15' sink tip.

The Lewiston Hatchery will soon be starting their annual releases of Salmon and Steelhead smolt. The "Fly Fishing Only" section opens April 1st and is a good time for beginners and kids to learn the fundamentals of fly fishing! Don't forget, it's barbless hooks, and "Catch and Release Only."

Lewiston Lake: The fishing has been slow, due to dirty water released from Trinity Lake. The following are fly selections for the lake. Dry Fly Fishing: Midge adult and Emerger patterns - Black #14 to 20, Blood Midge - #16 to 18, Olive #18 to 20, Griffith Gnat - #14 to 18, Callibaetis - Emergers, Loopwing, & and Paradun - #14 to 16, Black Ant - #12 to 14, Beetles - #12 to 16, Adams - #14 to 16, Callibaetis Spinner - #14 to 16, Midge Pupa/Black, Red, Olive - #14 to 20 fished in the film on floating lines with 12-14' leaders, and 4X-5X tippets. Nymphing: Wiggletails - Peacock and PTs - #14 to 18, Callibaetis - #14 to 16, Scuds - Olive, Amber, Olive/Brown, Olive/Tan - #12 to 16, Bird's Nest - Olive, Tan - #14 to 16, Black - #16 to 18. Full Sinking Line: Intermediate/clear, Type 2. Streamer Fishing: Bunny Leeches - Olive, Black, Brown and Blood - #8 to 12, Pimps - Peacock, Olive - #6 to 10, Crystal Buggers - Black, Olive, Brown, Peacock, Tan and Blood - #6 to 12. Full Sinking Line: Intermediate/clear Type 3 or 4.

Baum Lake: Has been fishing well with Midge and Blue Wing Olive activity, and a few Callibaetis are hatching, mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Working small Nymphs on a floating line, or Intermediate/clear sinking line will always produce some action. Working a Nymph, Leech, or Woolly Bugger deep on a Type 3 or 4 sinking line is always good for a few serious grabs when there isn't alot going on the surface.

Fall River: The season opens on the last Saturday of April (30th.) I'm expecting it to open with a bang! The Dry Fly Fishing should be good, right out of the box! I'll keep you updated, as we get closer to the opener.

Hat Creek: Opens on April 30th, I think the riffle section is going to fish well. I'm not sure what to expect from the meadow section, due to restoration construction.

Keswick Reservoir: Is very sensitive to the lake level and flows. I will be fishing Keswick in the next few weeks, and will have an update.

Pit River: Or, should I say, the NEW PIT RIVER! With the new flows allocated for the river, nothing is, as it was. This is a totally new piece of water that will need to be learned, all over again. If you thought the river was tough to fish before, the flow changes have made some of the runs Dangerous! Approach the river, and fishing with Caution! Wade safely, and Good Luck!

McCloud River and Upper Sacramento River: Are blown out, at the moment, and the shape they will be in at the end of April is going to depend on the amount of snow coming out of these storms. I will do a report on these rivers, as we get closer to the regular fishing season.

Lower Sacramento River: The Rainbow Trout are in the peak of their spawning season. I have heard from reliable sources that the Caddis and Mayfly hatches have been good. I, personally, like to give the fish a bit of a break this time of year, during spawing season.

GUIDE DATES for prime time on these waters can fill rapidly. If you have specific dates in mind to fish this me, so we can get them booked!

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Fall - 2011

Just got back from a great Steelhead trip in BC. The weather wasn't the greatest...lots of rain and snow melt...the rivers blew out...but we did manage a few days of productive fishing...Here's some photos! Also, here is a couple of photos from trips on the Fall River...just before going to BC.

Attention Anglers,

This is the latest update on where and when I will be fishing for Trout on the Fall River and when I will start fishing for Steelhead on the Trinity River...

Steelhead Season: Is almost here. If you have some dates in mind or want to know what's available...CALL ME...let's get them on the books!! The Trinity River is having a good run of King Salmon this season and from the reports I have been hearing, we are looking to have a good run of Steelhead, also.

Fall River: August fished Great!! and September has been fishing very good, also...Dry fly and nymphing. I still have several days open in October...and many of you know, October is a great time to fish and spend time on the Fall River.

Updated Schedule for Fall River and Trinity River: I will be guiding on the Fall River until October 21st. I will then be focused on Steelhead fishing the Trinity River until March.

Now until the third week of October: I will spend most of my time on the Fall River with a few trips on the Trinity, in early October. If you have questions about fishing, gear, flies, or booking a fly fishing trip, do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.

As always, I am looking forward to fishing together, again.



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Spring/Summer - 2011

UPPER FALL RIVER: The Spinner Fall is going on the upper river from Fish Camp to above Spinner Fall Lodge. This starts about 7:30 PM, lasting for 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the wind with Brown or Olive Quill Spinners #16 & 18, Rusty Spinners and Brown or Olive Loopwings working well. Mid morning to mid afternoon, BWO #18 & 20, and PMD's #16 & 18 are hatching in the areas of the river with weed beds. A few caddis are starting to show in late after noon and evenings with Olive, Tan or Black Emergers and Dries #16 & 18 most productive. Dead drifting nymphs during the day using PTs, Caddis Pupa, Hare's Ears and black APs, swinging small, soft hackles on sink-tip and full sinking lines. Stripping streamers and leeches in the deeper holes and runs can be productive.

MID FALL RIVER: Dry Flies: Brown or Olive Quill body and Rusty Spinners #18, 20 & 22; BWO Paraduns, Loopwings, Cripples and Emergers size 18 & 20; Light Cahill #20 & 22; Duns and Emergers, PMD Paraduns, Loopwings, Cripples and Emergers #16 & 18. Nymphing: Dead drift PTs, Olive and Brown Hare's Ear #16, 18 & 20 or swing Wiggletails, soft hackle PTs; Olive, Black & Tan Hare's Ears #14, 16 & 18 on sink-tip and sinking lines. Streamer fishing is productive in the deeper runs, also.

LOWER FALL RIVER: The "Hex" hatch should be starting any time, being a evening grab with alot of action. The daytime hatches have been very sparse; best bet is to fish sinking lines with streamers, leeches and soft hackles.

HAT CREEK: Some dry fly fishing in the morning: Spinner Fall, Brown & Olive Quill #18 to 22; evening hatches of small PMD, Creamy Orange Mayflies, Caddis and Little Yellow Sallies, Mayfly dries, Paradun, Cripple and Emergers #14 & 16; Nymphs, small PTs, Caddis Pupa and Emergers, small Yellow Stone Nymphs.

TRINITY RIVER: High and clear...too high for fly fishing. The river is slowly dropping and should be fishable by the end of the month. There are a few Salmon in the lower river.





Harry caught this 5 1/2 lb Bad Boy on a #20 Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly!


32 inches of Trinity River STEELHEAD!!!
Jack...doing battle with a Winter Run Steelhead!
Jerry caught this nice Steelie swinging a Muddler!
Fall River Hexegenia Grande!!!

Aiden, 6 yrs. old & Dad, Steve on their first Fall River trip!

Cheryl "Swinging" soft hackles on the Fall River!